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Strategic Location, Seamless Accessibility: Less than an hour from Savannah, Georgia, and Jacksonville, Florida airports and seaports, and just 30 minutes from Brunswick's regional airport and Ro/Ro Port, our county ensures unmatched access to vital transportation hubs. Streamline your operations, optimize supply chain efficiency, and connect effortlessly to both national and international markets.

Tidewaters Industrial Complex

McIntosh County’s Tidewaters Industrial Complex is directly off Interstate 95, one of the nation’s major business corridors. Approximately 180 acres in the industrial park are available for development and 243 additional acres have been purchased to increase available developable land. Utilities are in place, including an 8” water main, 10” sewer main and 4” gas main. Wetlands mitigation has been addressed. The Port of Savannah is less than an hour to our north, JAX Port is an hour to our south and the Port of Brunswick’s Mayor’s Point Terminal is just 21 miles down the road.
Click here for a drone tour of the park.

Offering the fusion of cutting-edge digital infrastructure and abundant water resources, McIntosh County is where your company can grow and thrive amidst this blend of modern technology and nature's bounty.

211 N Walton St, Darien, GA 31305

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