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McIntosh County, Georgia possesses a capable and primarily non-union labor force with strong and loyal work ethics. McIntosh County’s population is estimated at 10,559 as of 2022. Currently, the median age of McIntosh County residents is 48.1, and more than 56% of the population is within the prime working ages.

McIntosh County Age Demographics

Median Age 48.1

The county is fortunate to have access to an expanded labor pool from the neighboring counties of Liberty, Long, Glynn and Wayne, that collectively form our labor-shed area. This five-county labor shed area translates into a labor pool of more than 91,000 workers for industries that locate in McIntosh County.

McIntosh County’s average labor force information is provided below:
Labor Force Number Employed Number Unemployed Unemployment Rate
McIntosh County 6,362 6,186 176 2.8%
Georgia 5,318,955 5,145,351 173,604 3.3%

Source: Georgia Department of Labor; U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Education & Training

More than 87% of
McIntosh County’s
workforce holds a
high school
diploma or higher.

Educational Attainment

  • Graduate/Professional Degree 7.9%
  • Bachelor’s Degree 12.1%
  • Associate Degree 10.1%
  • Some College, No Degree 19.7%
  • High School/GED 37.9%

McIntosh County Schools offers career pathways at McIntosh County Academy, including:

  • Basic Agriscience & Technology
  • General Horticulture & Plant Science
  • Agricultural Mechanics Technology
  • Wildlife Management
  • Forest Science
  • Audio/Video Technology & Film I
  • Audio/Video Technology & Film II
  • Audio/Video Technology III
  • Introduction to Business & Technology
  • Business & Technology
  • Business Communications
Commercial Fishing
  • Commercial Fishing, Management, & Fisheries Science
  • Safety, Watchkeeping, & Healthy Oceans
Culinary Arts
  • Introduction to Culinary Arts
  • Culinary Arts I
  • Culinary Arts II
Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism
  • Marketing Principles
  • Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism Essentials
  • Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism Management

McIntosh County high school students are also eligible to attend the Golden Isles College & Career Academy (GICCA). Students take their academic courses at McIntosh County Academy and then go to GICCA for courses in a variety of career pathways. Many of the courses offer dual-enrollment credit through Coastal Pines Technical College, so that students earn high school graduation and college graduation credits simultaneously.

Work-Based Learning

New and expanding businesses in McIntosh County may qualify for free pre- and post-employment training for employees through Georgia’s Quick Start program, consistently recognized in the top three of training programs in the U.S. Locally, Quick Start is administered by Coastal Pines Technical College.

Employers may choose to grow their own talent with the help of Georgia's Youth Apprenticeship, a work-based learning program offered to eligible high school and College and Career Academy students.

The program enables students to receive a high school diploma, industry-specific training, and post-secondary certificate or diploma upon graduation.

The College of Coastal Georgia’s Lucas Center for Entrepreneurship is dedicated to developing entrepreneurs, teaching them business planning, finance, strategic planning, human resources, and more, so they gain a full understanding of how to start and grow a business.

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